An overview

This postgraduate certificate course in Research Methodology has been designed to enlighten participants with the key issues in Research Methodology and to enable them to develop a basic level of educational competence and professionalism in Research Methodology. The aim of the certificate course is to equip health professionals to practice across the range of domains of research relevant to their interest, subjects, and situations. After completion of this course the successful participants will be able to show better ability in:

Who should take the course?

How the course will be conducted?

There will be about 20 participants henceforth shall be called fellows. Course period is 3 months. Learning and teaching will be online, and self-directed. There will be 3 modules. All the fellows must have an eagerness of active participation in learning process of the course designed by the competent authority. On Saturday usually at 9 pm one unit will start with the presentation by a competent faculty. PPT will be provided and a study guide available in the website. Unit study guide will direct how and what to study. At the end of the week on Friday there will be online MCQ examination. Fellows will open the exam and complete it within 30 min. During the course all fellows will be required to prepare a protocol and submit it for assessment. There will also be few assignments on the whole course at the end of the course. After completion of all units successfully a course completion assessment will be held with SOE. A certificate will be issued to the fellow from BIRDEM academy to the successful fellows. During the process of learning fellows will be encouraged to communicate with their mentors through email, web site and telephone. There will be a WhatsApp gr for better communication.

How you will learn?

Fellows will be supplied with books, articles from journals and online links to study the learning objectives. Faculties will be available through email, website, and telephone to discuss any issue during self directed learning. A task-based learning approach will also be adopted, with activities suggested throughout the learning materials that encourage participants to link educational theory to their everyday practice as health professions teachers and to reflect on that practice


There will be nine units based on the program schedule of the course